About Mullewa



Significant local events held each year include the Mullewa Muster & Rodeo which includes a “Beaut Ute Competition” and a Country Music Concert on the June long weekend each year. Mullewa also hosts the “Mullewa Agricultural Show” with its Quick Shear Competition and famous sprint “The Mullewa Gift.”

Wildflower Region

Mullewa comes alive in winter and spring each year when carpets of wildflowers grace the town’s surrounds. Held in August of each year, the Mullewa wildflower Show is a highlight on Mullewa’s calendar, attracting visitors from around the world to see a fantastic display of the Mid West’s wildflowers.


Culturally Enriched

Not only are the wildflowers a significant attraction, from July to September, but Mullewa is also unusually rich in raw resources and places of interest all year round. The Indigenous culture and history, the architecture of John Hawes and the rural landscape are some of the reasons why Mullewa sees so many visitors to the town.

The Mullewa Everlasting Cultural Trails are a total of 8 kilometres of pathways that allow you to explore the breathtaking hinterland or fascinating townscape of Mullewa.

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